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Stella Blu Bohemian Boutique

StellaBlu1963 bag designs are all original. Each bag is hand-sewn, one bag at a time.

Hand-crafted, quality bohemian handbags, Stellablu1963 hand sews bags using upcycled fabric found on high-end office furniture.


My sister Kathy and me.

My grandmother taught me to sew when I was eight. I've always loved the idea of creating something new and unique. When I was 20, my Dad said, “Find something you love to do, and you’ll be happy.” I told him that I loved to sew. Dad bought me my first sewing machine and told me, "You'll need the best to make this work." The sewing machine he bought was top-of-the-line and probably more than he could afford. 


Life took me in many directions, jobs, and places. But, I was always sewing something on the side. Several years ago I had a life-changing experience and decided to go back to what I love to do, and make it work, just like Dad said.


Inspired by my dad's belief in me and my grandmother's early sewing lessons, I created these handbags in many different sizes and styles. I hope you find one you love. I would be so happy to make it for you.





Stella Blu Bohemian Boutique

Stella - my wonderful dog Stella, who has been through thick and thin over the past 12 years. She is my girl!                             


Stella Blu - a beautiful Grateful Dead song, one of my favorites. My husband is a Deadhead, so a tribute to him and the music.   


Bohemian - because, way back when, I am of Bohemian descent, and I dream of a boho, hippie, Gypsy lifestyle.                               


Boutique - when I travel for shows, I create a mobile boutique. It's fun and eclectic with a large display of one-of-a-kind, handbags and accessories.


Spring / Summer 2024 Collection

The Bags

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